Hello My Name Is: Vatos


Name: Vatos
Crew: PUBB
City/Country: Stockholm/SWEEDEN

When did you start writing: Early 90’s
What’s graffiti for you: Adventure, thrill, fun, friends, anxiety… the greatest vice.
Influences: My crew members, friends, inventive graff, movies, patterns, design, arts and crafts in general.
Quantity vs quality: Quality before quantity but I like writers who do both. Quality doesn’t necessary mean burners. One color fill and lines does it for me as long as you got a nice hand style.
What keeps you still writing: Striving for perfection. As soon as I’m done with a piece Im tired of it. Maybe I’ll quit when Im satisfied with the outcome.
Future plans: Make more babies, keep improving my graffiti, score some Jackie Herer, teach my seed to write graffiti, release a rap album…

Tumblr: pooruglybadboys.tumblr.com

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