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Roze – Get Into The Ego Trap

The hero of a video is a graffiti writer from Saint-Petersburg under pseudonym Roze.
In the life of a big city there are many interesting phenomena that have a strong influence on the culture. And graffiti is no exception. This set of actions and creativity, which gives a person a sense of freedom. But it is easy to get trapped in your ego, playing this game as long as lifetime.

TRACES: Roze bombing in St. Petersburg, Russia

TRACES is the name of our upcoming 600+ pages book about street bombing but also a series of videos featuring live bombing from different cities around the globe. First out is ROZE from St. Petersburg Russia. Three minutes of throw-ups,tags and extinguisher action.

Filmed by: Sele3en ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/sele3en )
Music by: Music by: Pistol Pete ( https://soundcloud.com/pistoleriksson )

Late 2014 we will release our most ambitious project so far, a 600+ pages book dedicated to the art of bombing! The book will be a world wide documentation of street bombing including interviews, live footage and of course tons of photos of throw-ups and tags made by some of the best artists from around the globe.This will literally be the BOMB! But to make it happen we need your help, send your best photos to bombing@spraydaily.com. We are especially looking for contributions from London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, but of course everyone is welcome!

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